Project Launch

The successful creation of a new music star relies on an entire team of individuals consisting of songwriters, sound producers, image makers, booking agents, promotion specialists and many others all under the skillful supervision of the artist manager. An artist cannot provide all these services, especially at a high level of quality, on his own. On its own, developing the necessary business contacts for successful product promotion can take years. To guarantee success, a professional team is required. We take responsibility for and manage many of these important processes for the artist. 


For a project’s launch, we offer a comprehensive strategy that includes


- A presentation event. We organize the premiere of the product, which includes its music video and a live performance by the artist, to which are invited influential industry professionals and superstars;


- Prime time TV and radio rotations. We arrange agreements with prime time shows, monitor daily radio play and continually check TV and radio rotation reports;


- Music charts promotion;


- Worldwide digital distribution;


- Music PR. We write press releases, and organize interviews with print and online publications;


- Social media promotion. We build up the artist’s posts with viral content and ad support.