TV Promotion

For the maximum promotion of an artist’s song, its music video needs to be in heavy rotation on the popular television music channels.  This will bring real popularity, strengthen the artist’s image and make him memorable. A song without a music video will not attain those results. Therefore, producing music videos is a logical step towards achieving recognition and popularity. This process requires financial resources and highly-skilled management.


FEEX helps artists make music videos which not only stand out but also increase the chances for heavy play on music channels. Each music channel has his own desired formating, quality requirements, and airing conditions. FEEX will get the artist’s video in front of the people that matter—be it schedulers, producers or members of a playlist committee.


FEEX will help the artist:


- Create music videos which fit TV channels’ formats and requirements;


- Present the artist’s music video(s) to a wide range of TV channels;


- Push for heavy rotations on TV music channels from the start;


- Manage the video so that it hits TV charts and climbs in ranking;


- Provide detailed media plans and reports for TV promotion;


 - Control and verify TV rotations;


- Negotiate and schedule artist interviews when appropriate.