Radio Promotion

One of the most vital aspects of promoting an artist is securing airtime for his song on radio stations. Our team has spent many years establishing business relations with radio stations’ program directors in local, regional, national and international markets. We have a clear understanding of radio stations’ preferences, formats and their necessary requirements. This knowledge and expertise significantly improve the chances for the artist’s song to be added to radio stations’ playlists and put in heavy rotation.


Radio-rotation is what makes it possible for an artist to go to bed unknown and wake up famous! It lets him be heard by the widest possible audience and creates instant fans. Sometimes one hit single can, in a matter of hours, create a star.


Getting music on the radio needn’t require large investments. A very important and decisive factor is the hit potential of the song. This is why one of our services is helping to the artist improve the quality of his music by working with professional and famous songwriters, sound producers, mixing engineers and vocal teachers.


Without radio rotation, there is virtually no chance of significant success and fame within the music industry. The widest populations and peak popularity, however, can only be reached by radio and TV play. The TV appearance of a song makes the project recognizable and helps the listener identify the artist with the song. This creates a binding "performer-image-song association.”


At FEEX, we start negotiations with radio stations at the beginning of a song's creation (with its demo version). Radio program directors are seasoned industry experts who will not only assess a demo’s potential but will give helpful feedback regarding the track's structure, arrangement and/or how to make it appeal to the largest audience. This is a regularly occurring exchange within the industry and one that results in a trusting and friendly relationship, which ultimately helps us ensure that the artist’s track receives heavy rotation and climbs the radio charts. Throughout our development process, we always provide clear plans for all media outlets including communications and agreements with radio stations, prime time TV and monitor rotation reports.