PR managers and directors, and sometimes their whole agency, play a huge role in promoting an artist. FEEX is a PR agency unto itself, focused particularly on show business. With unrivaled long-term relationships with major music media professionals across the globe, we guarantee exceptional results from our PR campaigns.


FEEX always gets the most extensive media coverage because we know what journalists are currently interested in and what they’re looking for. We help both new and experienced artists grow in popularity and reach their target audiences in the most effective way. Our services include:


- Press kit preparation (biography, discography, press release, photos and videos);


- PR consultation and complex promotion (through extensive PR campaigns);


- Creation of press opportunities (rumors, stories, scandals, breaking news about the artist, etc.);


- Composition of write-ups (press releases, news stories, articles, social media comments, transcription of interviews, etc.)


- Arrangement of guest appearances on TV and radio, and management of online conferences and the production of TV projects;


- Development and support of the artist’s website and social media accounts, including  SEO optimization;


- Publication of regular newsletters to different target audience groups (fans, media, DJs, etc.);


- Organization and support of PR events (press conferences, presentations, concert tours, special projects, etc.);


- Management of incoming invitations, as well as arranging invitations to TOP events which correspond with the artist positioning and image;


- Management of contractors (designers, programmers, photographers, and other specialists);


- Control of publications and mentions of the artist in media (making adjustments when necessary and possible).