Market Analysis

The music industry caters to a very specific market where the main product is the artist, his abilities, and talents, and the consumers are his listeners and spectators.


Operating in this market requires special knowledge and skills. Although music and musical performances have existed from time immemorial, it was not until the end of the 20th century that it became a billion-dollar industry. Within the market today, as in the general sphere of high-end consumption, there operates one primary principle: the higher the artist fee, the higher the related expenses. For example, if a concert fee reaches tens of thousands of dollars, then it is assumed the production quality and budget will reflect this fee.


FEEX artist management company can guide you through all aspects of marketing, and, with the emotional and psychological draw of your repertoire in mind, choose your target audience, make a clear business strategy, and eagerly and effectively raise your music product to the next level of professionalism and fame.